Friday, April 25, 2014

My Newest Old Trailer: 1972 Red Dale, 'Meadow'

I pictured it, held out for it, and it finally happened: A mid-sized vintage trailer with bathroom, well cared for and ready for camping, came up for sale in my local area for $1,500 or less. This is her, backed into a soon-to-be-shaded parking spot at my place.

I knew I wasn't going to get 'perfect' in that price range--as you can see, she could use some new paint--but what I did get is a 17-foot 1972 Red Dale with a lot going for her. (Coincidence: My cowgirl-biker trailer, Iron Pony, is also a 1972 Red Dale. But smaller, at 14 feet.)

The previous owners, a retired couple named Ethel and Dave, had upgraded all the trailer's systems and  painted the interior a crisp white and apple-green. Ethel made the matching curtains. So this is what I saw when I opened the door. CLEAN was the word. Dave demo'd the water, battery, electric, and propane systems for me. He said they would work, and they do.

He produced a clean title and a spare tire, we made our deal, and I drove the trailer home. (I know you're dying to ask the question, so I'll divulge: I offered and paid $1,000.)

It took me about three quick trips into the house to get the trailer decorated, because truth to tell, I love green and have collected it forever.

Hubby Dearest, Mr. Ed, took one look and came up with the right name for this trailer:


I love how the various shades of lime, apple, and grass greens update the original avocado green of the stove.

 And I couldn't resist adding some dandelion decals to the little bathroom--for 'going potty in the weeds.'

Meadow will be going on her maiden Girl Camping voyage in a few weeks. Then she'll be going to Girl Camp for the summer.

Fun ahead!


  1. really lovely! what a great deal! and I love the green also....

  2. Oh my!! She is beautiful. And the colors are perfect, as is the name.

  3. Bring her to Springy Point, May 18 - 20, me and my friends will be there for our Maiden Voyage!

    1. Thank you for the invitation! I already have plans then, though. Where is Springy Point?

  4. So delightful for a touch of Spring!!! Love it!!

  5. My husband and I are looking for our first camper.....I so want a vintage one, he not so much. Love yours!!

  6. Love it!!!!! Why can't I ever find campers that were actually taken care of and where the pieces parts work!?

  7. Hello, is there any way i can contact you by email? I have some questions: