Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eye Candy on Display

I can't help it, and neither can most other Girl Campers I know--

When we settle into a campsite for a few days, we're going to find some way to pretty it up. To make it special. To give it our personalized brand of eye candy.

My birdhouse truck holds a full load of M&Ms that always manage to disappear.

Cinched with a beaded souvenir belt, a camp blanket lies ready to be used at campfire tire.

The napkin and condiment carriers go perfectly with the Coca Cola colors.

A well-done combination of shapes, textures, heights, and materials.

Simple, sweet, evocative!


  1. Love your posts! (and love the one about the coolness of "signage"!) I wish I could find some info on some No. California Glamping events this coming International Glamping Weekend (June 6th/7th)...but sadly there isn't much out there ;(

  2. I swear it wasn't me who snagged all the M&M's... lol! but I would have, had I been there! hugz & Happy Trails...

  3. I finally signed on here at home so am now a follower. Aren't all these vintage jewels fun?

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