Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Girl Camper's Cure for Cabin Fever

Q: What do you do when you can't stand winter for another minute, NEED a camping trip, but have to accept that it's still too early in the season to travel safely with your trailer in tow?

A: You contact a friend who's in similar straits, pick a destination with indoor accommodations, and hit the road for an adventure!

The better you can put yourselves in the 'let's see what's out there' mode along the way, instead of the 'gotta get there now!' mode, the more fun you are likely to have. Stray off the beaten path, and you just might find some out-of-the-way treasure, like this little-known antique store in a tiny town off the main highway.

You just never know what prizes it might yield!

Without your trailer to worry about, you can explore places you might not otherwise check out.

Just about any town, no matter how small, has some sort of intriguing local business that'll be happy to see you.

If shopping's not your thing, take your camera and record whatever catches your eye and your fancy.

The world is full of beautiful scenery that's fun to simply look at!

You can do some trailer-trolling along the way--never know when you might run across a great little trailer you could pick up for a song. (Better yet--take some cash and your trailer hitch, just in case.)

When you get to your hotel, cabin, or B&B, pull out a few traileresque decorations to indulge your Girl Camping spirit.

Drive or stroll around town to soak up the local color.

Explore what's available for bonafide camping trips once the weather gets better later on.

Finally, when you do have to go home and back to waiting for spring, pull out all your treasures, lay them out to admire, and remember, for your next bout of cabin fever, that there's always a way to go Girl Camping without the camping!


  1. Love it!!! Glad you and Mig got away and had a good time! Looks like you got a head start on some great stuff for glamping!

  2. drool drool drool! So gotta escape and hit the road!
    Over Hill, Over Dale,
    We will hit the dusty trail,
    As our trailers , go rollin' along!

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  4. Might be time to reactivate our Spring Fling tradition...where to meet this year?