Friday, February 10, 2012

The Best Girl Camping Experience Is...Getting to Know You

When you first get into the vintage-trailer camping hobby, it tends to be all about the trailer--finding it, fixing it, decorating it to suit yourself.

(Here's my adored '68 Oberlin, going onto a flatbed for a 1,200-mile transport after I bought her sight-unseen.)

What I didn't know, upon venturing into the trailer-ite realm, was the extent to which it would become about the people I would meet and gain as new friends.

In fact, when I overnighted alone (above), on the way to my initial group campout, I felt darn-near invisible. Not to mention dwarfed by the humongous, house-like RVs that most folks choose to own. (I had a trailer that was shorter than my truck!)

But when I got to the actual campout, I wasn't alone at all--I had instant new friends! Miss Grace, for instance (above), came right on over to introduce herself and tour my trailer, and we have been fast friends ever since.

 I met Miss Raunie, a fellow Idahoan--on her birthday, no less! Now I always look forward to seeing her   at campouts and catching up with a fishtail (Raunie's signature cocktail.)

Here I am after meeting Miss Margaret (on the right), who introduced me to the concept of 'camping silver' (old silver serving pieces kept just for dressing camping meals up to the nines). Loved it!

Eventually, Girl Camp evolved, and with it, more new friendships (Miss DeeAnn on the left, Miss Toni on the right). Yes, the guests all bring their darling trailers for long weekends, but the best part is hanging out together as friends who enjoy each other's company.

Now you know the real reason why we have the Girl Camping blog, and the Girl Camping Facebook page--as opened doors for the friendship factor and getting to know more of you.

Thanks for accepting the invitation!


  1. It's all about the vitamin "Girl" isn't it!

  2. Yep, a dose of Vita-G is good for the soul!
    And what I love about "Glamping Sisters" is, no one
    is a stranger! Friendship is plentiful and so is
    laughter & memories.
    Happy Trails!

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