Monday, May 21, 2012

Candy for Your Girl Camping Eye

Among the many things to love about Girl Camping: the visual candy that your fellow campers create for the pleasure of feeding your eye.

Girl Campers tend to love collecting things, and they also tend to be funky-sophisticated about it. (Your early-'70s trailer is orange, yellow and green? Work with it, baby--work with it!)

Varied objects, varied heights, varied textures, connected by a color (red in this case).

A classic three-color palette will always make the eye happy. (It enforces shopping-editing, too. Only those three colors allowed.)

Against a crisp white background, deep turquoise and its complement, orange, are a completely different kind of visual treat.

Another example of eye-delight from turquoise on white--except this time the color-foil is a coral-pink.
And an original design as well.

More creativity as presented to the viewer's eye: punctuation of a gone-to-the-dogs theme.

Forget about having to eat your vegetables. A helping of 'pretty' is just as good for you!