Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Trailer Tour: 1967 Aladdin

Show us someone who's addicted to spotting vintage travel trailers, either in person or online, and we'll show you someone who's absolutely dying to get a peek at the inside.

Wish granted!

With its steeply sloped front and slanted roof, this trailer has the unmistakeable silhouette of an Aladdin from the 1960s--1967, to be exact with the trailer above.

The trailer belongs to Miss Cheryl, who also answers to Smoochie.

As you step in, you see that behind that sloped front of the Aladdin is a gaucho (sofa that extends to become a bed), plus shelf or kid bunk above.

Looking left from the door, the kitchen galley and potty room are on the street side of the trailer, and the  convertible dinette/bed area is on the curb side. At 16 feet, this trailer is roomy enough for two friends or a couple to share, and perfect for taking the grandkiddos camping with you.

Thanks to Miss Cheryl for letting us take photos of her trailer. Wave if you see her go by! And, now you'll know what to expect for a layout should you ever encounter another vintage Aladdin travel trailer of this era.


  1. Thanks for Miss Cheryl's Aladdin! She's darling and so is her trailer. I love the Aladdin's lamp cut out under the sink!

  2. I have asoild 1967 alladin travel trailer for sale needs a door 3607086985 hate to scrap it

  3. I have asoild 1967 alladin travel trailer for sale needs a door 3607086985 hate to scrap it

  4. I havea 1965 Alladin trailer that is cute as all get out. I hate to sell it but I have too many. pics can be seen or call me at 5307080150. I also have a 1961 all original airstream.

  5. This is exactly like the trailer that I just bought. Can you tell me the model name of it? I have been trying to find it. Thank you in advance if you can help me name it!

  6. All I know is the year and the brand. Sorry!

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