Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What A Girl Camping Year We've Had! (So Far)

'Set yourself free.'

That's our self-declared Girl Camping motto, and this year we've been living it with gusto.

Back in February--well before the bonafide camping season begins in these parts--we were hitting the road in search of escape and adventure. (Note trailers in background, still tucked into their winter homes.)

We left our big trailers home (but brought facsimiles), booked a riverside hotel room 150 miles away, and took the all-day scenic route to get there.

Making many impromptu 'discovery stops' along the way.

We set up camp in the motel room, and decorated it (of COURSE we did...) with some of our trailer toys.

That set the tone for more rent-a-place Girl Camping road trips. And for a rediscovery of some of the fantastic getaway zones that exist within a 150-mile radius of Girl Camping Girl's back yard.

Speaking of the back yard (or should we say the driveway), Girl Camping took place there, too, for that part of the season when snow gives way to rain. (We love pre-season camping at home! It's a dress rehearsal opp for the real thing, and since you're only steps away from the house, no pressure on remembering to have every single little thing at hand inside the trailer or camper.)

It was great when we finally did get to head out for a gathering of the tribe.

It's an always-stylish tribe....

...and a smiling tribe....

...and a sometimes-over-the-top tribe....

...and one that flourishes on vitamin F (Fun) and vitamin G (Girlfriends) whenever and wherever it can!


  1. I'm not ready to park it for the winter, yet! I'm headed to the beach with Oregon gals this weekend. But I can't wait to come back up in your neck of the woods! So here's to the vitamins!!!

  2. Great post! Don't let the fun end!!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog (via Glamping with MaryJane)! I just purchased my very first little fixer upper vintage trailer - a 1967 Scotsman - and am busily working on her! She should be ready to go glamping next year... but alas... I have no one to camp with :( so I'm wondering... how does one go about joining you all... or is it a closed group? I don't think I'm far, I live in Washington.


  4. We aren't really a 'group' at all, at least not with dues and memberships and all that good stuff. Just like-minded people who like to go camping and adventuring together.

    Which side of WA are you on? Eastern side, here.