Sunday, September 16, 2012

As the Sun Goes Down on Summer's Camping Season

OK, so the camping itself may not be over. (For some luckies farther south, it's only just begun.)

But this was definitely the last summer camping weekend of 2012, because by next weekend, the autumnal equinox will have taken place. And it'll be fall!

Never ones to just sit around and let opportunity get away, the Girl Camping Girls have been traveling, camping, and adventuring up a storm all summer long. (Most of the spring, too, if the truth be told.)

They camped in their vintage trailers.

They camped in rustic wall tents.

And in range teepees.

Even in vintage packer cabins out in the middle of nowhere.

The Girl Camping Girls tried out new cocktails (and Mickey Mouse ears found at a garage sale.)

They hit the trails to experience some seldom-seen places.

They ate splendid things, like homemade raspberry pie.

They treated themselves to 'necessary frills,' such as chandeliers.

And this was just the start of how the Girl Camping Girls played in their summer fun factory!

Next, they're going to rest up for about a nanosecond.

And then they will be figuring out how to make the most of any free camping time that autumn sends their way.

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  1. You are absolutely right about all of that....bring it on...I can't wait to do a bit more glamping before the year is out!