Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vintage Trailers Get Fresh Press

The word is out: Vintage trailers are the bomb.

This week's mail brought the fall Sundance catalog, with a yearn-for vintage trailer as the backdrop.

This is also the week for official release of 'Glamping with Maryjane," by Maryjane Butters.

Girl Camping Girl and Miss Mig were pleased to be asked to contribute--trailers, vintage gowns, and location for some of the photos. Some of our blog commentary is included, too.

Very cool to see that early-April photoshoot day transformed into print!

Today, The Lewiston Tribune newspaper published a lifestyle piece featuring GCG and two fellow Girl Camping aficianados, Miss Shelley and Miss Julie P. GCG and Shelley provided trailers for the photographer.  Julie has a vintage trailer campout event planned to coincide with the annual Lewiston Roundup, Sept. 6-9.

How we roll appears to be on a roll.


  1. What a nice presentation! Love the photo...wish it was to see all your goodies!!

  2. Will save a copy of the newspaper for when we next meet up!

  3. I remember an issue of Country Living that featured a Cowgirl inspired vintage wish I had kept that issue! Or if I DID - I wish I could FIND it!!!


    1. Linda, there was an article about cowgirl trailers in Country Living, April 2002. It inspired many! Copies sometimes show up on ebay.

  4. Wow! We have a similar "canned ham." We didn't know people are actually interested in these vintage campers. We named our 1955 or 56 trailer "Flintstone Trailer." We love the fact that the "shower" is embedded in the floor right in front of the sink. The refrigerator is also really unique. If anyone is interested in purchasing, we are interested in selling. 208-962-7384