Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vintage Travel Trailers: Their True Beauty

As proven by this Shasta compact all dressed up for a photo shoot--there's nothing like a vintage travel trailer as the perfect vehicle for turning on the cute.

But deep down, the inner beauty of a vintage trailer is revealed when you take her out on the road and have an instant home away from home. She becomes your portable adventure cabin and personal sanctuary. If she's still got a working propane system, you don't need electricity to run your cooktop, oven or lights. You are independence on wheels.

The second trailer is also a Shasta compact, but with wings, and a few years older than the one above (and minus the brand new paint as well).

No matter the veneer, a vintage travel trailer is beautiful simply because her possibilities are endless. And because she'll reward you with the same.


  1. I don't, personally, except when camping with horses. But many others do camp with tents, and are sure welcome anywhere that trailers go.

  2. I love your site with all the helpful information. I just saw a cute picture posted and it lead me back to you. I just bought a trailer and so I always looking for inspiration. I just went to Renniger's and they had a vintage trailer show. They will have another one in March. I will be posting on my blog One Shabby Old House about the cute ones I took pictures of. Take a look if you like. Who knows maybe someday we will be camping at the same place! Thanks for all your tips and articles. Becky

  3. The only real problem is the lack of water for drinking, cooking, washing and for flushing the toilet. Best Camping Hammock 

  4. I am ENJOYING reading this Blog! So much information and great ideas. I have a Shasta like the blue one and until she's road ready (just a few little things) I driveway camp too!

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