Monday, April 30, 2012

The Little Little Trailer Goes Visiting at the Campground

The Little Little Trailer woke up at a fine campground recently, where she was happy to see that the campfire coffee was ready to drink and where the sun's early rays helped dry off the dew she accumulated overnight.

It was such a lovely day that she decided to do a little campground cruising just to see what the neighbors were up to.

She pulled up to the front door at Cherry Lane and honked to see if anyone was home.

There was, and TLLT was invited in for a glass of breakfast bubbly.

However, as she's been watching her waistline lately, she opted for a nice cup of hot green tea instead.

After her farewell, The Little Little Trailer stopped to admire the handpainted wooden tool box that serves as the entrance step-up to the Cherry Lane trailer.

Next, she cruised on over to visit Iron Pony, whose entrance was set off by red flowers.

TLLT really loved the surface of the funky folding table Girl Camping Girl discovered at a local antique store. Smooth hauling!

And then, check out this artifact that a fellow camper found out along the old railroad bed that runs by the camping area. Good thing TLLT didn't accidentally run over that while out touring!


  1. Thanks TLLT for taking me along on you camp ground cruising! I had fun!

  2. Really adorable travels and finds! Great pictures...just make them a bit to see all the details! Here's to more LLTT adventures!

  3. This is a fine little example of having a tool boxes in a camper.