Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some 'Don't Forgets' From The Little Little Trailer

As you prepare to go on this year's road trips, The Little Little Trailer wants you to stay safe and to keep things as hassle-free as possible.

Because as she very well knows, a trip can be less than fun when mishaps and aggravations occur.

This in mind, TLLT would like to ask:

Are you road-legal? (Nothing wrecks a trip faster than getting a ticket!)
* Be sure DMV tags and registrations are current on both vehicles.
* Have tow vehicle registration and proof of insurance at hand.
* Driver's license -- on your person, not in the purse you left at home.
* Brake lights, turn lights, headlights all in working order (check before departure!)

Will you be able to deal with a roadside problem? You should have:
* Cell phone and charger.
* Inflated spare tires for both your vehicles, plus tire-changing tools.
* Flares or road flashers.
* First-aid kit, plus a tool kit.
* Recommended: a road-side service plan, and make sure it'll cover towing of a trailer as well as a passenger vehicle.
* Also recommended: two-way radios, which will work where cell phones won't; if you're caravanning, they'll keep you in touch with others in your group.

Are your vehicles well-serviced?
* Before her first trip each season, TLLT takes herself down to a tire service center for a check-up. She gets her wheel bearings inspected and repacked if necessary, and gets her tires and brakes checked, too.
Her tow vehicle gets an oil change, filters checked, and fluids topped off. The headlights get checked, too, to make sure none of the bulbs are burned out. The trailer-hitch ball gets tightened and greased.

Can you locate your destination with ease?
* Avoid unplanned detours! Have a good set of directions, plus a map.
* A GPS for navigating can be a Girl Camper's best friend. Obtain a valid address before you leave home. And keep those written directions handy, because a GPS can fail...and then what?

The Little Little Trailer can't wait to see you out on the road somewhere, and wishes you nothing but perfect trips, every time. But just in case...well, she knows you'll want to be able to deal with whatever might threaten to trip you up.!

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  1. Excellent checklist for us newgals, thank you so much. Love your blog...keep up the good work.