Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Expecting: Vintage Trailer on the Way

There's nothing quite like the anticipation phase that occurs between your purchase of a travel trailer (vintage or otherwise), and the day you get to take possession of it. It's one of life's exceedingly fun rides. With just pictures (digital and mental) to go on, your imagination gets to run wild.

I purchased this particular trailer, a 1972 Red Dale, about three weeks ago. Her name is Iron Pony. I'm picking finally picking it up from the seller this weekend.

She did all the customized paintings on the trailer--that's her, above, after finishing the artwork. I've camped with Nancy and her trailer on several occasions, like 'em both a lot. So when Nancy decided to sell her trailer and get a larger one, I snapped it up.

Nancy is multi-talented. She's a cowgirl, a Harley girl, a great Dutch oven cook, and an artist, too.

I'm about as far away from a real-life biker chick as anyone could be. I've never even petted a motorcycle, let alone ridden one.

But that doesn't mean I can't play one while camping...and the Motorcycle Mustang, from my Painted Ponies collection, is going to feel like he's finally back with the right herd. (He's an iron pony!)

I like Nancy's paint color choices a lot and don't plan to change them.

These enamelware dishes will finally get a place to call home.

Every trailer needs accoutrements beyond dishes. Having a new trailer on the way is excellent motivation for cleaning your cupboards, closets, and drawers! (Otherwise known as 'shopping the house.')

Some truly amazing things can surface! Like the mannequin I refer to as the Crazy Cowgirl.

There can be complications with Trailer Anticipation, of course, one of which is Thriftstoreitis.

Even Retailstoreitis, if you're not careful. (Doesn't every new trailer deserve its own cute purse?)

Nancy will be keeping her bedding and decor pillows (above). So who knows how the bed will look after somebody else dresses her?

What would you do with this space, if starting from scratch?

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