Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Little, Little Trailer Goes to Girl Camp!

The Little, Little Trailer was born to roll.

There's only so much 'parked under cover' time she can take before she just has to pull on her baby moons, plug in the road-trip tunes,  and hit the highway. Even if it's that long and winding highway she has to take in order to get anywhere.

She can handle dangerous curves, cuz she has some of her own. (Has to be why Sum Boyz Whistle when she goes by.)

One day, The Little, Little Trailer is out taking a wander, when--

'OMG! Look what's up ahead--a whole tribe of other Little Trailers, and they seem to be having a powwow! Let's pull in--maybe the natives are friendly!'

So The Little, Little Trailer turns in by a sign that says GIRL CAMP. Where she receives the greatest welcome ever!

The other Little Trailers all rush out to greet her like she's their long-lost BFF.

'Stay here, with us!' they declare. 'There's room! We'll help you park and set up!'

No way can she pass this up! TLLT accepts the invitation to stay at Girl Camp and gets down to the business of getting herself parked, blocked and leveled.

Whatever these other Little Trailers are up to, it's got to be out of the ordinary.

And it is! Not only does TLLT get a fabulous next-door neighbor, who's nicer than the Welcome Wagon lady, but the other Little Trailers also come right on over for a campfire and some cocktails.

Ahhh, this is the life. GIRL CAMP--TLLT's new favorite cool place!


  1. I am very impressed at how TLLT gets around! And she backs up perfectly. Like Miss Karen stated "It's a great life!!!".

  2. Hi all, I am just so impressed with your Rigs and the fun behind all the scenes...I want to have some of it here in my park@ Yosemite South KOA in Coarsegold, CA
    I am planing a vintage 50's party in would so love for you to come here...just to meet and greet all of you gals.
    Because when this gig is over in 4 yrs...I want to hit the road with you guys...I will have a Trailer by that time...sooner is stay safe and sound, happy trails to you!

  3. Oh my goodness GCG...I can just imagine you all alone, talking out loud to the little trailers, playing with them and pushing them around, making motor noises and talking to the other little's playtime!