Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Travels With the Little, Little Trailer

Girl Camping Girl is known to have wanderlust to such an extent that she frequently goes on girlfriend adventures even when (especially when) it's still too early for genuine camping season.

On these junkets, she leaves her life-sized trailer home and hits the road instead with that purse-sized rig known as The Little, Little Trailer--seen above as it cruises past a 'welcome, spring' arrangement in a mountain cabin rented with Miss Patty.

The Little, Little Trailer goes along for shopping, much to the delight of storekeepers such as Miss Judy, above, at Simply Sandy's in Joseph, Oregon.

Sometimes, it pulls right up onto a stack of purchases!

The Little, Little Trailer loves to park for photos in front of mountain backdrops. (Being made of china, it  can relate to the fragility of pottery.)

The Little, Little Trailer is right at home in a brew pub, documenting Miss Patty in her brand-new silver necklace.

It's also excellent for exploration of natural wonders, such as the fabled salmon streams of the Pacific Northwest.

The Little, Little Trailer has made her way to some very out-of-the-way places, such as the store and tavern in tiny Imnaha, Oregon.

Though unverified, the tavern at Imnaha is said to be the last pub for 897 kilometers.

Girl Camping Girl and Miss Patty decide to take no chances, and order up while the ordering up's still good.

Once she's back on the road, The Little, Little Trailer is oblivious to warning signs that would strike fear in the heart of The Long, Long Trailer.

'Show no fear!' The Little, Little Trailer will go to great heights to prove her ability to negotiate anything the Girl Camping Girls can throw at her.

Yeehaw! Thrills--adventure--intrepid travels to the back of beyond--memories to last until the rocking-chair days--it's what Girl Camping is all about!


  1. What a busy little trailer. Love all of it's little adventures and travels. Oh how much fun!

  2. Way better than a traveling sock monkey! :)

  3. The Little, Little Trailer thanks you! Stay tuned for more of her amazing travels with the Girl Camping Girls!

  4. What a hoot! Well done, Little, Little Trailer!

  5. Your creativity never ceases to amaze and delight me! Looking forward to more adventures with Little, Little Trailer ;)

  6. What fun...I want to come next time Little Trailer!!!