Thursday, March 1, 2012

Answers to Some of Your Girl Camping FAQs

Q: Is Girl Camping a club I can join?

A: Girl Camping isn't a club in the traditional sense. We don't collect dues or hold meetings, we don't issue numbers, and we don't ask for nor store your private contact info. While this not-a-club status could change sometime on down the road, more formal organizations already exist in the camping genre for those who want that structure.

Q: So what is Girl Camping, exactly?

A:We think of it as a state of mind and a hobby to be shared. Our mission is to encourage your camping interests, and to offer useful info and a supportive community via our blog here, and the Girl Camping page on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to participate, even if it's just to fantasize or get ideas for camping sometime in the future. We'd rather be inclusive than exclusive, and we love getting to know you.

Q: Do I have to be a vintage trailer owner in order to participate?

A: No, not at all. (This is true of the popular club Sisters on the Fly as well, though many would-be members aren't aware of it.) Vintage trailers are popular, but you can camp in any kind of RV, van, tent, or even a rented cabin or motel room.

The point is to have fun--you get to determine the best vehicle for you to do that (literally and figuratively).

Q: Is Girl Camp a real place?

A: Yes. It consists of two privately owned camping lots in a small town in northern Idaho. Pictures are available in previous blog posts and in the photo gallery of the Facebook page. It has room for about a dozen small trailers or tenting sites.

Q: Who gets to visit Girl Camp?

A: We invite people we meet in our camping travels, who are willing and able to make the drive to get to Girl Camp. The owners have fulltime jobs elsewhere, meaning Girl Camp can only be open on selected summer/fall weekends or holidays.

Q: How do I get on the invitation list?

A: This is a work in progress, as we certainly we can't claim to already have met everyone who would like to visit Girl Camp someday. For now, you are welcome to introduce yourself and tell us about your camping interests by sending an email to Let us know your ZIP code, and we can tell you how far you would have to travel.

Q: I live too far from Idaho to realistically be able to camp there. Could I host something on my own, in my own locale?

A: Absolutely--the more the merrier, as is said, and we hear all the time from people looking for camping friends and venues in different areas. Please feel free to post your invite-information at the Girl Camping Facebook page and to ask who from your area would like to come.

We might suggest that you look into doing something during the first weekend in June. That is National Glamping Weekend, with events small and large being planned all over.

Anything else you'd like to ask us?

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  1. Hosting a "trailer Slumber Party" to include what ever number of trailers you can fit on your property is a fun thing to do.
    With or w/o hook-ups.
    The best ones are the spur of the moment, let's get together' camp overs!
    Followed by a day of junktiquing makes for a great gal-pal get away.!
    Happy trails!