Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cute Wee Trailers That Are For the Birds

Have you ever noticed how the form and shape of a vintage travel trailer lends itself perfectly to ...

...tiny little homes that are for the birds?

And have you ever noticed how these little houses just seem to follow you home when you run across them?

And/or, have you ever discovered a little trailer casa that bears an amazing resemblance to...

...your own bigger trailer casa?

And that certain homes for birds have every bit as much exterior decor as...

... a beloved trailer of the non-feathered Girl Camper?

And that birds are just as drawn to classic canned hams as we are?

Happy first day of spring, everyone--and that includes our fine feathered friends!


  1. So many cute trailers, so little time! Have you seen this one on Pinterest?

  2. Oh, that is adorable! Hmm...I may have to learn how to use a router!

    Thanks, Debbie.

  3. beautiful camping car. i like.
    camping tent

  4. So adorable...just need some good weather to get Driving Ms. Daisy cutified!

  5. on the plus side,,, the wee lil birdhouse trailers indulge our fantasy with out breaking our gas towing budget!
    But there is nothing more delightful then snuggling in ones sweet lil 'playhouse on wheels'... :>)

  6. Hey...who's cute trailer is that at the top. :) can't wait to camp with my girls this weekend.