Monday, March 12, 2012

For Campouts: Remember to Pack the Whimsies!

As you get yourself organized for camping this year, I want to give you a tip:

Bring at least one thing that's a whimsie!

A whimsie is something that's not a necessity in the usual sense, but that's purely for the fun and entertainment of your fellow campers--like a pair of 3D glasses.

Or a metal cutout of a wine goddess (when Girl Camping, there should be no such thing as a whine goddess.)

It could be a package of paper tiaras to share.

It could be a cute cake, or a photo that'll make people smile--like the camping granny with a string of fish.

Maybe it's a funny homemade sign.

It could be a blow-up flamingo in its very own 'body of water.'

Or even a branch with a bird nest! (Proving you needn't go to great expense to join in on the whimsical part of Girl Camping.)


  1. All that whimsey makes for a really good time!! I will be trying on my 'whimsey' soon (at Farm Chicks SOTF weekend) the form of a tutu....I can't believe I even said that!!! And it's yellow...and I don't wear yellow!!! Help..I've been kidnapped!

  2. Oh goodness - I LOVE the psycho path sign - so funny !!!!!!

  3. and don't forget the 'Glo-Stix! lol!

  4. Are there any glampers who don't drink alcoholic beverages?