Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Techniques for Staging Your Trailer

If you're into this sort of thing (and there are not rules that say you must be--perfectly fine to skip all the fluff and just bring your trailer, camper, or tent as is), then the idea of adding outdoor decor to your site has most likely occurred to you.

And if so, you may be wondering: How the heck--where do I even start??

Some techniques from Girl Camping Girl, whose trailer appears above:

* Take a picture of the side of your trailer, and fill the frame with the trailer from bumper to tongue. When planning the staging decor, you'll concentrate on working within this frame.

* Think in terms of making an outdoor room within the frame. Give it a ceiling (the awning, or perhaps an umbrella), a floor (the rug), and a wall (the ironing board with flowers and flag at left). Every room needs furniture and a purpose, so at least one  table and at least one chair. Two of each are better because they give you more to work with.

* Next--and this is key--use eye-pleasing objects to fill in the blank ground spaces that show beneath your trailer and at the entrance to your outdoor room. This step visually anchors your vignette and guides the viewer's eye toward the entranceway to your abode. A flowing tablecloth, a vintage cooler, a painted washbucket, a bucket of flowers, a potted plant, basket of cowboy boots, neat old luggage, a small stack of firewood--anything of this nature will work.) For best eye appeal, stick to one or two main accent colors.

* Finally, after you've created the stage, finish dressing it by laying on the little pretties that say "this is me and what I love." On their own, they might look lost, but in the setting you've created for them, they'll shine. For nighttime, include some kind of lighting, for a romantic glow.

Helpful? Hope you'll let us know!


  1. That's right! and.... You heard it fromthe queen herself. Don't forget that fresh flowers are better than fake. Lots of color makes everyone want to come in. Don't ever forget the all popular flamingo! Real women love pink! If all else fails; call up Mig and she will come running with her storage unit filled with trailer goodies for young and old and a TON of party supplies!!!!!

  2. And THAT is why I luv 'Glamping' with the two of you... between 'J''s photography skills & 'M's blinged out flamingo addiction, I can only hope some of it will rub off on me! lol!
    Happy Trails to you....

  3. Holy cow, are you gals are all the queens of glampin' style!!! I am working on it...not sure if I will ever get it....just keep hoping!

    Juli, you are my inspiration! Ever since I met you at Riverside, I keep thinking...more stuff, more stuff....thanks.

  4. This was awesome. My little trailer is not vintage, but I want to glamp it up a little bit (a lot)! I do have an old wooden ironing board and an old unpainted bucket. Need some painting ideas for that (still thinking). I always sit the old croquet set out (my dad use to use this camper.) Hubby is so not going to like this. But hey, it is my little camper. Dad gave it to me!!! <3

  5. Linda--you go! Age of trailer doesn't matter a bit, only that it makes you happy! I'll bet the croquet set has some wonderful colors in it. Maybe that's where to look for inspiration? Thanks for joining in--

  6. Don't tell my boss, but I've been reading your blog for the last hour or so. Just brought my '68 Shasta Loflyte home and am dreaming up her theme and decor!

  7. I so want to go camping but noone wants to go with me.....*sigh....

  8. My trailer isn't vintage, but my heart is :) Camping always includes my wonderful hubby, because our trailer is too long for me to take out on the open road. Hubby is a very "practical, no fuss" kind of guy. BUT, we will soon be Glamping at a family reunion where the Girl Cousins will be much more appreciative of a touch of creative/comfy/homestyle ambience. Hubby be warned: you are going to be treated to a bit more than one string of lights on the awning. Girl Camping Girl, thank you for your inspiration and tips!

    1. Non-vintage is always welcome to participate/join in, and so are campers with tents.

      No limits, we just want to spread some fun!