Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Camping With Cake and Flowers

Girl Camping is another whole world from guy camping.

We can pretty well guarantee, for instance, that none of the hunting rigs parked in the woods are adorned with cake and flowers on white linen. (Probably just as well, since cake doesn't go all that well with beer.)

The "trailer cake" became an instant Girl Camp must-have after the first one was invented and came off the assembly line. So's just a round cake layer cut in half, with a layer of frosting between the two pieces. Frost the exterior, draw on some doors and windows with cake trim, add any lettering you might want, and use Oreo cookies to make the wheels, the step, and the hitch out front. (Tip: Everyone always wants to get on of the the wheels. Bring the rest of the Oreo bag as the "spare tires"so that everybody gets one.)

Now, for the best tip of all: After we showed our local Safeway bakers what we wanted, they make trailer cakes for us on order--for $7! In any flavor and "paint job" that we want!

As for the flowers: Whether you pick a couple of stems to go in a bud vase (note red tulips in boot) or get more elaborate, camping flowers are just a nice thing to do for yourself. And they're a treat for your camping pals to see, too (say hi, below, to Miss Julie).


  1. Maybe should have titled this post "Camping With Calories," haha!

  2. Love these Trailer Cakes...Gonna Make One!:D