Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Few Ideas For An Ugly Trailer Door

Behold, the inside of an old trailer's door--not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, for sure. And just think--you'll be looking at it when you're inside the trailer, and everyone else will be looking at it when you're camping and have the main door open with the screen door closed.

Some facelift ideas to consider:

* Spray paint it, and call it good.
* Spray the background, then paint a design over the background if you're so inclined.
* Paint the background, then get the ModPodge out and affix prints or pictures that express your theme.
* Spray with chalkboard paint, so you can write and draw on it. Instant blackboard!
* "Wallpaper" it with fabric, affixed with (what else?) good old ModPodge, then sealed.

Got another idea you'd be willing to share?



  1. I cut vinyl lettering and monograms. Right now, Subway Art is popular. You could take your 10 favorite words about camping and turn them into a custom door Subway Art! The best thing, It's removable. I see quotes about life, etc! Oh, also how about chalk board paint (or vinyl) on the top? You could have a clean slate each day, so to speak.