Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things To With Your Trailer When You're Not Camping

Much as we might like to, not many of us get to go overnight camping all the time.

But this doesn't mean your cute trailer just has to sit parked for 50 weekends out of the year. With a bit of thought, you can come up with fun ways to enjoy it for day trips, too. And be a big hit while you're at it!

You could:

* Pick a park or fishing hole, then invite a local friend to join you on a picnic or to go fishing, with your trailer as lounge and kitchen.

* Take Hubby or Boyfriend on a date to do something similar. (What you do together behind the closed door is up to you.)

* Go do some small-town garage-saleing, with your trailer along.

* Use it as a private crash pad at an outdoor concert.

* Visit a winery or a truck farm.

* Take your niece, nephew, or grandchild to a neighborhood park, where the trailer can serve as playhouse.

* Set it up as a refreshments lounge at a footfall game.

Girl Camping Girl has been known to take her trailer with her to the supermarket, just because! If you've got that great gal toy, ladies, get on out and play with it!


  1. I use mine for my husband and I to sit in for our Saturday night martini. It's quiet, peaceful and allows us quiet time to just relax and talk without interruption from the television or phone. :-)

  2. Nice! Very fitting for a trailer named Camp Martini!

  3. I am an avid auction go-er, my 68 Shasta serves as a napping pad, refuge spot for my kids when they come along!

  4. Love it! It's just so great to have your own private space, isn't it?

  5. Ours is on its way to becoming another room in our house. Last night, we had a "camper party". Had dinner in it and then did craft projects with the kids. It's like a grown up "clubhouse".

  6. We're parking three trailers on the curb of the house and doing a Pop Up Shop for a jewelry party! Serving everything on the lawn from the trailers!

  7. When the Packers play, we sometimes take our yellow T@B with Packer decor to a friend's house for tailgating. I also take it to state parks for picnics on an occasional sunny winter day.
    Crystal and Daisy T@Baker

  8. Me and my hubby like to have nighttime picnics in our little Scotty when it rains. We use very little lighting and watch a movie. So romantic!