Friday, September 23, 2011

Greetings From Girl Camp, USA

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Girl Camp.

She's a little plot of land in a little time-forgot town in northern Idaho--the kind of backcountry place where worms and whiskey are sold at the same (only) store, and where a code of Live and Let Live prevails. She's one hill over from the Redneck Men's Club (also a real place), and the talk of the town when she's full of vintage trailers for a Girl Camping party.

Most of the time, she's a happy hideout for yours truly, Girl Camping Girl, and the 1959 Terry turned into the Girl Camp Lodge.

Welcome to our first dispatch, and to a pass-along great state of mind. 


  1. I want to come to Girl Camp! I often spend a couple of weeks in Idaho each summer while my son is at kayaking camp.

  2. Where is kayaking camp?

    Girl Camp is north, in the Panhandle.

  3. I'm in Texas and love to camp. Idaho might make a wonderful road trip . Any Texas gals?

  4. Texas gal right here! Capital city. Idaho may be a tad far away, but there's plenty of room to play here. ;-)