Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Concept of the Girlfriend Trailer

Meet Barbie, aka The Girlfriend Trailer. Barbie is a 1965 Shasta Compact. She got her name because she's blonde (inside) and can change her whole look with a swapout of "outfits" (curtains, pillows, and bedding).

Her main purpose in life is to be shared. She's been to Girl Camp with friends who don't have a trailer of their own, and she's been on some road trips elsewhere, too. She has her own tow vehicle and pulls like she's not even there--a real confidence builder for someone who's unfamiliar with towing.

If you're still on the hunt for a trailer of your own, the Shasta Compact is a model to keep your eye out for. In their day, they were the best-selling trailers in America, and they were manufactured in large numbers--so a lot of them are still out there. The kitchen is in the front, leaving roomy sleeping space. Some even came with a built-in toilet, though all have a small closet that'll fit a portable.

Everyone who's ever been treated to a weekend with Barbie has loved her!

Here's another 1965 Compact, owned by our camping friend Miss Pam. For little trailers, they live large.

Anyone else have one of these little gems? What year, and how did you find her?


  1. We love our 61 Shasta Compact!

  2. Super-fun site you have, Kelli, added to our link list. Cheers!

  3. I have a 1957 Dexter El Camino, I picked her up on ebay and now she is a beauty.

  4. Not a Shaster, but a Sunliner called Lucy

  5. I have one that some would say "Walk Away" but I didn't. She's a 1965 Shasta Compact and she's Beautiful. Bought her from a lady wanting to clear away her yard.....for $200. Had to modify my top vent, other than that just paint and new cushions. My She-Shed on wheels!