Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Useful Items for Your Camping Caboodle

See that little greenish device? It's a level, and you'll be glad to have one when it comes to getting your trailer situated for a good night's sleep. Keep it handy, where you know you can easily find it when it comes time to unhook and get situated.

The blackboard may seem a little less obvious in terms of usefulness.  But once you've been on a Girl Camping outing or two, you'll see where it comes in handy for leaving notes, recording numbers, creating signage, writing a needs-list, or putting up a few pithy words.

Just don't forget the chalk!


  1. Loving this idea...I used a chalkboard in the Chicken Mansion to welcome the girls to a mini breakfast each morning...a lot of fun.

    Now it's going to get a lot of use! See you in Oct.

  2. Always fun to find another girl camper!! who loves vintage trailers. I came over from kpaints...looking forward to reading you past and future posts

  3. Sure looked like an awesome time, Miss Karen, and your photos on your blog, The Vintage Bag lady, were just grand.