Saturday, October 1, 2011

Traveling With An Icon In Tow

After you've had a Girl Camping trailer for a while and been a few places with it, you'll begin to notice something:

The sight of your trailer will make other people curious and happy, and then they will want one, too. A vintage trailer is iconic on its own, but the addition of an independent gal at the wheel plants a notion.

If she can do this, maybe I can do it, too.

Girl Camping Girl's trailer has been chased down the street by a woman enthralled by this vision. Notes get left on her windshield in parking lots. Perfect strangers ask for tours, take photos, then walk away with a dreamy look. Once, a woman rushed from her house to the trailer parked across the street, acting like she'd just seen Cinderella's coach in the 'hood. A few weeks later, sure enough, we spotted a cute little trailer parked right there in her driveway.

Got a tale like this to share about getting attention, everywhere you go?


  1. One year we took ours on a month long got to the point towards the end where we parked in the most far place we could when we stopped to get groceries etc...we just got tired of showing it

  2. Yep, I have been approached in parking lots & Hiway rest stops,,, infact I was asked by a lady w/her 2 children if she could poke her head in... i watched her go gaga and then got a barage of questions from her about how, what, where & why I tow...this particular time was retunring from a glamp trip with you...last summer.
    Happy Trails....