Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Objects of Our (Camping) Desire

A funny thing happens when you decide to take up Girl Camping (or whatever you choose to call it).

Items that you once dismissed as tacky knickknacks suddenly become objects of desire. If it's shaped like a trailer--you want it! And if it comes gift-wrapped from a gal-pal (or--gasp--your significant other)--you adore it.

It's been many a year (OK, make that many a decade) since Girl Camping Girl has played with dolls. But mini versions of travel trailers? Well, that's another story. There's an RV lot's worth of those in her possession, and she plays with them all the time!

Even when it's dead-of-winter, even when the camping season is months away, these little objects bring back memories, cheer us up, and motivate us. They're necessary totems!

Call 'em tacky, call 'em wacky, call 'em whatever you will. A tiny trailer will make you smile and inspire your style 'til you're on the road again.


  1. So far I have 3. One teardrop pulled by a 1953 Chevy pickup both red, a scamp like trailer being pulled by a VW bus both orange and a handmade wooden canned ham decorated on the outside like a SOTF trailer. It even has a drawer for your trinkets. Made by a gentleman in Glenns Ferry, ID, When other girls saw it they put in their orders! I'm always looking for more.

  2. sooo true! and that is why I have my special lil trailer, in my office, sitting under my lil pink Christmas tree on my desk! How can ya not smile!