Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The People You Meet When You Take Up Girl Camping

We'll let you in on a little secret.

When you first get bitten by the camping bug, it seems to be all about finding a cute vintage trailer, fixing it up, and taking it out on the road to some interesting places.

This phase can take a while. There are only so many old trailers out there, and a smaller number of those worth saving, so there's much looking, waiting, deciding, and dreaming to be done before that first (apprehensive?) trip gets taken.

But then--Katie, bar the door!--you do venture out, trailer in tow, and you find out what really makes the Girl Camping hobby fly.

It's the GIRLS themselves.

They're from all walks of life. They're funny and fun. They share your creative streak, in ways that will amuse and inspire you. Waistlines and wrinkles don't matter. They have a zany side that liberates your inner goofball. They share your yen for independence (and for garage sales!).

They see you pull up with a trailer in tow, and just assume that you're going to be another new best friend. They help you park, pour you a drink, and ask to hear your story.

And before you know it, your level of vitamin G (for girlfriendism!) is the highest it's been since...when?

Do you see yourself in the photo--for real, or for your future? Leave us a 'yes,' and we'll count you as in!


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth!! YES, YES AND YES! I'd do it all over again...well, actually, I just might some day...get another sweet one! Thanks for being one of those girlfriends!

  2. Ditto for me !YES! (in red petticoat) & this goofy gal now has 3 petticoats in her collection!
    (insert big goofy grin) :>)

  3. Yes! But I need to get over my fear of hauling and parking. Love our little '69 Aristocrat Lo-Liner. Dreadfully afraid of going solo with it -- even though I'd really like to go solo with it. Isn't that silly?