Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Signs That You've Found Girl Camp

Girl Camp is in Idaho, and literally at the end of the road, e.g. Idaho Highway 8.

One of the first signs that you're in our vicinity is the sight of this abandoned public school, easily visible from Girl Camp. The magnificent old building, constructed in 1912, is now privately owned by an out-of-state person who's sadly let it fall into disrepair. Alas, this landmark of the past looks like its days could be numbered, so we enjoy its aging old face while we can.

Girl Camp is surrounded by the Clearwater National Forest, a mecca for hunters--of elk, deer, bear, mountain lions, wolves, and the somewhat tamer huckleberries and mushrooms.

The General Store sells everything from huckleberry pie and ice cream to fishing worms, whiskey,  waders, and gas. And has nice rooms for lodging upstairs.

You can also get a really great breakfast at the General Store, after you've stocked up for fishing!

This 3-foot wooden cutout, complete with lace garter, stands at the top of Girl Camp's corner lots.

Girl Camp also has a hand-lettered sign adorned with two china plates on hangers. So far, the elk hunters haven't shot them down (possibly because we decided 'Sum Boys OK.')

Of course, the MAIN way you can tell you've found Girl Camp is by spotting a row of vintage trailers parked on the grass! When the gals are camping, there's a tiny town within a tiny town, nestled in the forest.

Feeling short on your fun factor? We know where you can get a booster!

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  1. Hi there! I'm in Council, Idaho and would love to know more about Girl Camp~ Is this a club or a group a gal can join?