Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Official Bird of Girl Camping

That's right, ladies--the official bird of Girl Camping is none other than that feathered friend known as...

The Pink Flamingo!

We'll leave it to the camping sociologists to explain why this is so, but something about the visage of the pink flamingo seems to signal 'let loose, the party's started!'

Even pajama designers seem to know that the flamingo goes perfectly with canned-ham trailers, summer umbrellas, and a pair of lounge chairs (plus a mimosa or two).

Pink flamingos go well with bold statements because they make a bold statement themselves.

You pretty much can't miss by giving 'something flamingo' to a Girl Camper as a gift.

Flamingos are versatile and hardy. They will happily stand guard outside your trailer, camper, or tent. You can put them in planters and never ever have to water them!

Which means...they will live forever as your Girl Camping totem, and never end up like this!


  1. Flamingos Forever! besides, when was the last time a dead rubber chicken brought a smill to your face? I rest my case! lol!

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