Thursday, October 6, 2011

As the Camping Season Draws to a Close

With a nod to our southern and southwestern friends, who have some of their best camping weather  coming right up, we northern folks are starting to tuck our trailers, campers, and tents away for the upcoming winter.

You may all join Girl Camping Girl in a loud chorus of BOO-HOOs. (And if you can manage to squeeze in one more outing or two, even if just to a gal-pal's back yard, the advice from here is go for it.
Spring will be a while in coming back around again.)

To keep spirits up once the curtains are drawn on bonafide camping, we can recommend:

* Campfires on the patio! The smell of woodsmoke is good for your soul, any time.
* A nice bottle of Happy Camper wine, preferably shared with a camping friend. (Call her, if nothing else.)
* Display of a favorite camping memento (we even top our Christmas tree with a trailer ornament).
* Getting next year's camping dates FIRMLY on the calendar, so you have times to look forward to.
* Establishing the 2012 Girl Camping Piggy Bank, and making regular deposits to it.

How else will you be passing time until your next chance to hook up and head down the road? All ideas welcome, and hey, you can always stop by here or our Girl Camping page on Facebook for a few minutes of camping in your imagination.


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  1. Is it indeed that time...and so soon for a newbie! One more campout on the you know...can't wait! Love the idea of just a bonfire outside. I borrowed a friend's pit and now I want one! Thanks..I am going to treat myself! See you soon!