Monday, October 24, 2011

The Mental Vitamins of Girl Camping

Did you know that Girl Camping is good for your health, with its own set of special mental vitamins? It's true!

Vitamin A is for Anticipation. Life would be very boring indeed with nothing to look forward to. But as a camping girl, you never lack for that, because you get to anticipate finding that trailer, fixing it up, the next outing on the calendar, and so forth. We love mental vitamin A!

Vitamin B is for Beautification. This is what's behind the urge to decorate your trailer and your campsite just so. It feels the soul while it feeds your eye and that of everyone else around you.

Vitamin C is for Camaraderie.  Camping with others is a bonding experience that launches and cements friendships. It's an antidote for loneliness and shyness and good for even the most dedicated introvert.

Vitamin D is for Delight. Delight, in its purely joyous state, is a hard thing to come by. But you'll get lots of it from Girl Camping, to push its opposite--anxious worrying (often the chronic state of people usually focused on 'being responsible')--right out of your mind.

Vitamin E is for Experiences of the New Kind. Without mental vitamin E, we stay in our familiar ruts, never challenging ourselves to do things like learning to hook up and tow a trailer, or going to an outing where we won't know anyone at first. Without mental vitamin E, we never get the reward of being able to say, 'I did it!'

Vitamin F is for Fun. There's no such thing is too much fun, but it's definitely possible to have too little, and to descend into a state where you even forget how to have it. Girl Camping is fun, personified. All you have to do is show up.

Vitamin G is for Girlfriendism. Many of us go the bulk of our adult lives doling out momism, wifeism, good-employeeism, caretakerism, and other 'isms' of the self-sacrificial kind. With Vitamin G, much of this giving finally comes back to you, in ways you never would have expected.

We're here at all times to help you find and take the mental vitamins of Girl Camping. It's why we have this blog!

(Also keep in mind that there is a Girl Camping page on Facebook, and that we adore all its visitors, old and new.)


  1. Excellent post. You nailed it! I can't wait for fall camping to catch up with camping friends!

    1. Thanks, Miss Karen! Happy Trails in your travels!

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  3. I need vitamins everyday. I am so glad I got my girlfriend flu shot this weekend!