Wednesday, October 12, 2011

There Comes a Time (the Dreaded Winter Tuck-Away)

Girl Camping Girl and many of her sidekicks live in the Pacific Northwest, where a change of seasons usually guessed it...rain. As we all know (or should), moisture is the enemy of any vintage trailer, so the little fun-palaces eventually need to go under cover so they can be protected from what falls out of the sky.

Some gals take their trailer to a rented storage unit, some keep them in private garages or sheds, some use tarps or manufactured trailer covers as protection.

It's an established fact that some Girl Campers can't be satisfied with just one trailer, and GCG is one of those. 'The Fleet' is too big to all get into one shot (there are two more trailers tucked in behind these three), but it does make for an entertaining tour of trailers all in one snug spot.

Plus--the wine tastes just as good!


  1. tucking in the bear for a long winter's nap K

  2. One more time rain or shine! Love to see all those trailers...what kinds?

    Driving Ms Daisy is headed to storage next week. Hate to pay the piper but tarps just don't work out here...too windy! See you in the Spring!

  3. Shasta-Aljoa-Airstream. Oberlin and Terry in the back.

    Price of a storage unit is cheap compared to leak repair!

  4. My lil Scotty w/a potty got to have one last campground play date weekend.... now she will get one last bath, linens & quilts will get laundered & then she gets put away till Spring... boohoooo!