Friday, March 30, 2012

Your Vintage Trailer Homestead: What's Your Dream?

Do you dream of owning a little piece of land somewhere, so you could camp on it whenever you wanted? Someplace where your trailer would be your cabin, and you could come and go as you pleased? (Trailer homestead above photographed near Enterprise, Oregon, with Wallowa Mountains as backdrop.)

Of course you do. (It's exactly why Girl Camping Girl has Girl Camp.) That vision of 'a place of my own' is as much an archetype as that of a vintage trailer itself.

The pursuit of this vision is what leads to vicarious real-estate shopping whenever you go somewhere interesting. Miss Patty demonstrates the browse-with-latte technique.

Here we have the Girl Camp Lodge, set up on the RV pad at one end of Girl Camp. Mountain view? Check. Nearby body of water? Check. Serious acreage? Nope--but a 100x100 piece of 'private Idaho' is enough of a wee homestead to enjoy and to share from time to time.

Where do you want your vintage trailer homestead to be? What does the vision look like?

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