Monday, April 9, 2012

The Little Little Trailer Talks Cowboys

It's come to The Little Little Trailer's attention that COWBOYS have a mighty big allure to many a gal. Probably no wonder, as many cowboys do come across as...racy, let's say.

This calls for some advice from TLLT, who not only was hitched to a cowboy at one point but also grew up surrounded by them.

These credentials  make her a bonafide Cowboy Girl. As such, she recommends the following:

Never assume that someone who dresses like a cowboy is one. At very least, your candidate for White Knight in a Stetson should have his own horse and his own gun.

Mustache is optional, per your tastes.

The main thing is, you want a real-deal type who genuinely is a cowboy.

And not just some guy who plays one in the movies.

Or elsewhere. (Those are called transwestites.)

Your real cowboy will be the one who always keeps his priorities straight.

As long as you get that when riding off with one, you can overlook the white-horse requirement.


  1. "Transwestites!" Ba ha ha ha!!!!!

  2. Ba ha ha ha!!! continues, "Transwestites!" That's better then wanabees!!!

  3. "Transwestites" has now been added to my vocabulary! I think girl campers ride their OWN white horses; but will ride double if the cowboy fits!;)