Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting the Reins to the Iron Pony

Why is this painted cowgirl smiling?

Because she got adopted into the Girl Camping Girl family of vintage trailers, and will live there happily ever after!

GCG set out the morning before Easter to go pick her up. Fellow Girl Camper Miss Grace, who lives about 2 hours away, offered her place as rendezvous point. Miss Nancy, the seller and another camping pal, had a similar drive to make.

(New-buyer tip: Splitting the distance is a common point of negotiation.)

The business part of the transaction.

(New-buyer tip: In addition to sign-off on the trailer's title, make sure you get a bill of sale from the seller, and if paying in cash, a signed receipt as well.)

Here's the somewhat ceremonial hand-over of the keys to Iron Pony (named for Nancy's Harley hobby). Nancy had many good times in the trailer after finding it, fixing it up, and painting its three murals. She's now working on her next trailer project.

GCG put the keys on a new ring, with iron cross and a pony.

The trailer got transferred from Nancy's truck to Girl Camping Girl's truck.

(New-buyer tip: Always ask your seller what size ball the trailer's hitch takes, so you'll have the right size  on your tow vehicle. Also find out what kind of receiver the trailer's wiring plug needs. If your vehicle has the wrong kind of receiver, you'll need an adapter.)

Then, since GCG was spending the night, she moved in.

Naturally, The Little Little Trailer was along, and picked out a great parking spot right away.

'What's for lunch, Grace?' Table setting in the Iron Pony.

Miss Grace did make lunch for all, and she also performed the finish work on the embroidery pieces Girl Camping Girl worked on over the winter. This one, with GCG's Sisters on the Fly number and her little black dog looking out the rear window, will hang in a real trailer's window to be visible from the outside.

This one, with a tropical theme and destined for the Hawaiian trailer of Miss Patty, went onto a banner that Grace freestyled and had finished in short order. She put Patty's Sisters on the fly number on it, using an machine embroidery program.

Meanwhile, Miss Cori came over with a set of enamelware bowls as a trailer-warming gift. Grace had a gift, too, which was a vintage rodeo program she'd found at The Little Little Trailer loved both gifts so much that she backed in and gave them a hug.

The next morning was Easter, and TLLT was so happy--the Easter Bunny found her after her first night in the Iron Pony!

After a fantastic Easter brunch with Grace's family, Girl Camping Girl had to head 'em up and move 'em out on the trail back to home.

Here's what you'll see if you ever pass her on the highway. Be sure to wave!


  1. The Iron Pony is perfect for you! The decorating is great. I loved finally meeting you and look forward to seeing you again. :-)

  2. Same here! Can't wait to do it again, and next time, bring the trailer!

  3. It is so adorable but having met Nancy, I am not one bit surprised! Can't wait to see it in person, wish I could have made it over this last Sat to see it! Soon......

  4. What a wonderful adventure, and a wonderful surprise for me! I love my banner! Thanks GCG and Miss Grace!