Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glamping It Up for the Camera

Every now and then, the Girl Camping Girls are called upon to assist with photo shoots for magazines, newspapers, and books.

Like the one yesterday for a forthcoming glamping project by MaryJane Butters, of MaryJane's Farm. Miss Mig's '71 Shasta compact served as the backdrop and GCG's place was the location. (It's one hill over from MaryJane's Farm.)

GCG's '72 Red Dale was pressed into service as dressing room for the models.

Here's Miss Mig, tending to some final styling details, with MaryJane at the camera.

The very glamorous dresses matched the colors of the trailer.

Props: Lots of cowgirl boots and princess shoes!

Miss Mig, who's a professional artist, was right at home dealing with prop management. (She did all the painting of her trailer, too.)

GCG took behind-the-scene snapshots while the real photogs, Alicia and MaryJane, took the photos that'll eventually end up in print.

See that mountain snow in the background? Several fresh inches fell just last week, so there was no guarantee that the models wouldn't freeze to death in bare-shoulder dresses. But the first warm day of spring happened to show up on the appointed day, so all the smiles were genuine!


  1. What a great day it was too, great sunshine, party dresses, props, and trailers. All I needed was a prom dress and I would have jumped right in!

  2. How exciting...I know Mig made a lot of work seem like nothing..she is so talented! Can wait to see the MJ issue.

  3. The photos will be in a new book called Glamping With MaryJane Butters.