Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Queens of the Trailer Park (Girl Camp 2012)

Every summer, Girl Camping Girl and The Little Little Trailer throw a weekend party for about a dozen girlfriends (give or take a few) who love to camp together. This year's theme was Queens of the Trailer Park--and The Little Little Trailer volunteered to haul in some crowns for the event.

The girlfriends hauled in their trailers plus all the accoutrements that go with them. Some came hundreds of miles.

In her gift bag, each guest found a blank satin queen's sash to letter and decorate.

The sash was accompanied by a tiny bejeweled crown--just in case anyone forgot to pack her tiara.

Everyone wore it well!

It became apparent very quickly that crown jewels go perfectly with a glass of breakfast champagne.

The outfits that emerged from each trailer were creative and fun. Check out Miss Sylvia as the Idaho Tater Queen!

Miss Bonnie rocks her cigarette holder as the Queen of Trailer Trash.

Here's Miss Marie, Girl Camping Girl's mom, as (what else?) the Queen Mother.

Miss Karen, far right, was the Queen of South of the Border. She furnished a surprise with that, but...what happens at Girl Camp, stays at Girl Camp!

The Queens of the Trailer Park posed for pictures. Then they paraded themselves to downtown Elk River, Idaho, where they reigned at the local taverns, crashed a wedding party, danced with startled strangers, and left behind, shall we say, an indelible impression.

Miss Carolyn, the Queen Egg Lady, also left hard-boiled eggs with some of her new subjects!

The next day, all 15 queens turned back into their regular selves, and also reviewed their crazy-fun night on video.

All that frivolity may have worn them out. But as we all know, a queen never loses her composure. So the only obvious casualty of the evening was the dead rubber chicken!


  1. How FUN was this to READ!! I can't even IMAGINE the fun you gals had in LIVING it!! Go, GIRLS!!

  2. Yep, the Ball is over, and all our little coaches have turned back into pumpkins....ok, maybe not pumpkins, but everyone is home, safe, sound & full of memories...
    Thank you GCG

  3. Oh my, look at all the fun(silliness). I can tell you were again the hostess with the mostess! I would so love to join you, so what is 435 miles one way!!! I see Miss Queen of Flamingos made it and we are close to same mileage!!I still have my memories of Riverside and you gals to keep me going until the next venture out!

  4. Miss Linda came even farther, all the way from Florence. We did our best to make it worth it!

  5. It was definitely a blast...nothing can beat it! Driving Ms. Daisy has landed after this last weekend at Othello. We are well traveled this year and heading to storage...well, not me! ;)

  6. Good to know it's only the TRAILER going into storage, and not you too! Because--more adventures ahead!

  7. Love looking back on those wonderful times, and scheming to make even more outrageous memories next year! Are we just the best?? Yes, yes we are!!