Monday, August 27, 2012

The Little Little Trailer Goes Glamping

The Little Little Trailer keeps hearing about this phenomenon called 'glamping' (glamorous camping). There's even a new book about it. Time to hook up, Girl Camping Girl at the wheel, and go investigate.

TLLT--being a rugged sort of little trailer--wondered if she would fit in. But the welcome sign was clearly out. 'Always be color-coordinated' seems to be an unwritten law of glamping, so TLLT fit in right away.

There'a a significant quotient of vintage style in this glamping thing.  One of Girl Camping Girl's life-sized trailers was featured in this issue of Vintage Style magazine that was inside someone's glampmobile, so TLLT felt a bit famous by association.

The Little Little Trailer loves color. Red camping cooler? Right up her street.

And red glamping cowboy boots?! Now we're talkin'! Those came very close to being tossed into TLLT's truck bed in the dark of night.

Apparently, the glamping crowd loves color, too. Bright pops of color were to be seen everywhere.

Something turquoise is practically a requirement, it seems. No ordinary TV trays for a glamper--stand back while she gets out her can of spray paint!

TLLT was impressed by the glamper girl who was able to put red, yellow and turquoise together so masterfully.

No glamper-girl gathering is complete, it seems, without someone who's seriously into pink. TLLT thought this vintage pink radio was pretty darn sweet.

Glampers don't like to leave anything undecorated. But they have a sense of humor about it: Mad Housewife, plus bottle apron!

They give each other gifts, like this table runner sewn up in vintage-trailer fabric.

And like this handcrafted sign made of wood.

TLLT even encountered a glamper girl who travels with a customized bling case!

Eventually, the glamping weekend was over, and The Little Little Trailer returned to her more rustic camping pursuits. She could see why certain women have fun playing with their glamping toys, though.

Sure beats the heck out of chopping wood!


  1. Another wonderful exploit of TLLT. Summer can't be over quite yet.... Say it isn't so!

  2. I love the way we chop wood! With a corkscrew!

  3. Like you said,,, "it ain't over!" yet!!! lol!
    Oh & a certain Glamperette, did do a trailer check to make sure her red cowgirl boots didn't 'accidently' go home with TLLT...lololol!
    Happy Trails!

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