Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glorious Girl Camping Girls

Tricked-up trailers, darling decor, clever camping ideas, fun finds. All part of the vintage-trailer-camping pastime and what you see often here, and at the Girl Camping page on Facebook.

But--what about the girls themselves?!

We can't claim to have met (yet) all 2,000 of them. But we know they all have to be part of the same fun-seeking clan, cuz if they weren't...well, they probably just wouldn't see the charm in turning a 50-year-old tin can into a traveling home-sweet-home.

But among those we have met are...

The costume-fearless duo of Miss Shelley and Girl Camping Girl. They share ownership of Girl Camp, in northern Idaho.

These two are Miss Patty and Miss Julie, who live on opposite sides of greater Portland, Oregon.

With a jar of Mod Podge and a handful of fabric to be sewn, this can be no one else but Miss Grace.

Sporting flamingo pajamas and an artistically painted trailer, we have the unique Miss Mig.

Classic beauty with a Shasta cutie...Miss Linda, adventurer extraordinaire.

This is Miss Linner, who hails from Pendleton, Oregon, and has a trailer done up just splendidly in red, white and blue.

Party girls! Miss Deeann and Miss Toni, observing the world through 3D glasses!

This is Miss Bonnie, rockin' that Girl Camping staple, the redneck wine glass.

Woohoo--here's Miss Debbie, making a grand entrance!

This is Miss Carolyn, whose glowing smile reveals a lovely soul to go with it.

Wild thing! And she can't be anyone else but Miss Karen, because no one else could mix a fringed leather vest, a yellow petticoat, and a feather boa--and get away with it.

Here is Miss Marie, with her great-granddaughter Annika. Miss Marie is Girl Camping Girl's mom, and Annika, GCG's granddaughter, is the littlest Girl Camper in the gang.

Miss Annika is only 5 months old but already has her own camping tutu!

That was just a selection of the special ladies who camp with girls....the next time there's a chance for a group photo of Girl Campers, we hope you will be in it!


  1. Love this post and all the lovely girl campers!!!

  2. Oh, you are SO like my long lost sisted twisters! Can't wait to rendezvous

  3. So happy to meet each and every one!!!

  4. GCG..the perfect hostess with the mostess... my trailer is packed up & hooked up and ready to pull out first thing tomorrow...headin' to GC for yet another GCG weekend with my gal~pals....
    Wagons HO & Happy Trails!

  5. Wonderful camping. However, I wonder what flowers does Miss Linner have? So beaufiful, I love it very much.