Monday, July 23, 2012

Every Vintage Trailer Has A Story

Meet Delbert. Delbert is a 1960 Aljo 1900, named after his original owner who purchased him new, 52 years ago. Until a couple of weeks ago, when acquired by Mr. Ed (spouse of Girl Camping Girl), Delbert had been with his first family all that time--being passed down from one generation to the next, to the next.

Much of Delbert's history as a travel trailer was affixed to his ample backside. The seller--grandson of the original owner--had many stories about camping with Delbert, purchased the same year he was born. He'd taken his own daughters camping in the 19-foot trailer after inheriting it.

But with one thing leading to another, Delbert had gone unused for almost 10 years, and was sitting in a barn, gathering dust. And hence, was offered for sale. When Mr. Ed hooked up and drove him out into the sunshine, you could almost hear the old fellow go 'Ahhhhhh--fresh air!'

Delbert, it turns out, is built like the proverbial tank. Which is a good thing, because the next part of his life story began with a 10-mile haul down a one-lane gravel road that had not been graded in some time. (To the good: Not one of his cabinet doors sprung open during the bumpy ride!)

Speaking of cabinets...Delbert has all kinds of them, made of beautiful birch.

His sinks and appliances are butter yellow and in remarkably good condition for their age.

Grandpa Delbert's American flag was still in the rear closet. After the trailer received a good cleanup, inside and out, the flag went into its holder.

Delbert is now making friends with the Hacienda del Sol, a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht that was the first of Girl Camping Girl's vintage trailers.

And guess where you can find Mr. Ed--or should we say, Girl Camping Guy--whenever he has a spare moment?

If this is 'enabling'--we're into it!


  1. Nice to "meet" you, Delbert. Welcome back to the world of camping. We have a 1961 Aljo. I'm not sure of the model name but it's a 10 ft body. Perfect for our weekend getaways. I'm looking forward to hearing more of Delbert's adventures.

  2. I should replace the sinks for some white ones

  3. Oh Delbert, you are already magnificent!!!!