Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be On the Lookout For...Trailers Heading for Girl Camp

We look forward to it all year, and hope our guests do too...'it' being the annual summer gathering of trailer friends at Girl Camp.

With the trailers being just as unique and special as the owners, here are a few that'll be on the road in our direction soon.

'Betsy Ross.'

'Kauai Kencraft.'

'Mz. Daisy.'

'Island Girl.'



'Scotty with a Potty.'

'Iron Pony.'

Be sure to wave if you see any of them go by--someone with a big smile will be at the wheel!


  1. I'm so envious for I know what fun I am missing!! You al have fun!!!!

  2. Hello from Olympia WA -
    I couldn't find a place to email you, so leaving message here in hopes of getting a reply.

    I came to your wonderful site to find out more info on vintage trailers.

    I just discovered an old trailer sitting on the back of someones property 5 minutes from my house in rural NE Olympia, WA. Don't know the make/model, age, condition but it has those wings in the back.

    How do you go about going up to a stranger's house and asking if their trailer is available for sale and/or rehoming?

    Thank you very much,
    Nancy email:

    1. I saw my trailer in a field and it had been there for years. I knock ed on the door and said I had been looking for a trailer and saw they had one and was it for sale. It was and I paid 300$ for a 1957 trailer