Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Girl Camping Grab-and-Go Bag

When you camp, tramp, and travel a lot--whether by trailer, tent, yurt, or hotel room--you find yourself wanting and using certain means of portable creature comfort.

Which is why it's so smart to create a Girl Camping grab-and-go bag. Then you don't even have to think about it when the chance to grab a new adventure comes along.

Flashlight and extra personal meds. A DIY caffeine supply, and maybe some chocolate. A good multi-tool (with corkscrew!) A favorite change of T-shirt. Dog treats. Water bottle. Small candle. Camera. You know what you'd have to have, whatever it would be.

I keep my Girl Camping bag right at the back door, and now think of it as standard operating equipment, just like my purse.

Fun ahead? Let's go!

And, we always hope not, but there also can be those unfortunate times when you're stranded or otherwise in a spot.  At those times, the Girl Camping bag can be your best friend!


  1. My on the go bag is always packed. One more thing to add. A roll of T P because it can be used for multiple reasons - starting fires, wiping off things, jotting a note, wiping tears for the trip is over and of course the obvious rather roadside or in the woods!! Happy Trails!

  2. What a great comment, June, about the TP. That's in my go-bag as well. I also love travel-size packages of towelettes. And a cotton bandanna!

    Be well, hope to see you again soon!