Friday, January 18, 2013

Excited about a New Year's Worth of Girl Camping

We regret having had to go dark on you for a while--the real gig reached that point on the calendar where it HAD to get all the attention.

But now that we have The Crunch behind us, we are mentally free to be getting excited about a new year's worth of camping. Depending on geography, hardiness and druthers, yours may be underway already.

Some members of Sisters on the Fly are camping this weekend in the desert near Quartzite, Arizona.

Saturday, January 26, has been declared Camp at Home Day. If you don't have a trailer or can't get to it yet, come up with a way to pretend. It's the I Want To Go Camping spirit that counts.

And our for-real camping calendar is really starting to fill in, starting in April, with the unclaimed weekends and holidays through September beginning to look scarce.

What does your camping/getaway year look like so far?


  1. I've got 5 trips confirmed in and still have July and August to fill. This Sat. it is Sister's potluck and off to join Becky & others Sister's at the Eugene Good Earth Home Show. Come on down we would love to have you!!!

  2. Five trips on the calendar too...1 SC state park, 3 rallies & 1 caravan...looking forward to adding more along the way! Sharon in NC

  3. way to many... now to sell blood so I can afford the gas! lolol!
    Wagons HO!