Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Post of 2013, Last Trailer Sleep of 2012

Happy New Year! We just love that clean-slate factor--don't you?

We have to say, though, that 2012 was a great Girl Camping year. Right down to the very end! For the last weekend of 2012, Mr. Ed and I got in one last trailer sleep by visiting the campsite where we're keeping our Airstream for the winter.

We'd started 2012 with a winter campout, so it only seemed fitting to end it with one.

We'd just come from 2-foot snow country, so it was great to be outside with a campfire, listening to the Salmon River go by.

By nightfall, we were ready to return to our now-warmed-up trailer...pour a glass of wine...and tuck in with some fun reading material. This new hardcover by Phil Noyes was a Christmas gift from Miss Shelley.

Here is a picture from one of its pages. Wow--imagine having that red and white Shasta when it was brand new.

It didn't take long for Mr. Ed's lights to go out. He didn't even bother to pull out the sofa or remove his cap.

The Little Man, G'petto, curled right up into his bed in the trailer's center cabin.

Nestled in with tea and remote control, I watched James Dean strike it rich in 'Giant.' The trailer has a small TV with video player, and I've been collecting classic movies to watch when I'm there. For about 50 cents apiece at garage sales and thrift stores, they make excellent low-cost entertainment.

We woke to a light snowfall that was all the way down to river level. You can see the snow on the rocks lining the Salmon, outside the Airstream's rear window.

It also collected a bit on trailers that belong to some of our fellow Sisters on the Fly members. We have yet to all be at the RV park at the same time, but we do look in on one another's trailers to be sure they are OK.

Note my tracks on the way to the shower! There also are some very nice modern RVs spending the winter at the same park as our vintage trailers.

I always sleep like a baby in the ol' Airstream, and the last trailer sleep of 2012 was no exception.

Now here it is, the first day of 2013, and I already have a recent trip to keep me going until the next one.

Life is good!


  1. Just found your blog I love it.
    I will go back and read it all. I am so ready to hit the road again. Trying to sell my trailer in Pinetop, AZ so I can buy a van of some kind.