Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Little Trailer Goes Exploring

The Little Little Trailer loves to be out exploring, and after spending most of the winter on a shelf, she hit the road for her first Girl Camping trip of the year.

She set up camp on the banks of the Salmon River, also known as the river of no return. It courses over 400 miles through Idaho before merging with the Snake River. A mountainous divide separates the two rivers above their joining point. TTLT decided to cross the divide and get to the other river.

TLLT crossed the Salmon near White Bird, using a nice modern bridge.

Then she took the road to the left, which goes to Pittsburgh Landing on the Snake.

The road rose quickly and revealed spectacular ranching country. The Little Little Trailer pulled up onto one of the few mailboxes to get a better view.

As the terrain got even steeper, TTLT was amazed to see ranch buildings on a slant.

Right at the top of the divide, TTLT posed at the sign marking the start of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

And then--what a sight! With the Snake River at the bottom of a geological marvel, TTLT was looking at the Oregon side of the entrance to Hells Canyon.

The ultra-remote area is stirringly documented in Home Below Hells Canyon, a memoir by a woman whose family lived and ran sheep on the steep range during the Depression. TTLT has had this book read to her at least half a dozen times.

The Little Little Trailer continued down to the end of the road and to Pittsburgh Landing, which is a put-in spot for boats. The road distance between the two rivers is 17 miles.

Ranches on the Snake, like the old Titus ranch straight across from the landing, are inaccessible by road.  Mail and supplies are delivered by boat, and there is a frighteningly short airstrip at this ranch that allows fearless pilots to get in and out.

The Little Little Trailer backed down to the water's edge, then realized the current was too swift and lapping to be taking any chances.

TTLT made the return trek to historic White Bird without mishap--very happy to have been a visitor to one of Idaho's wild places.


  1. I recently found your blog and FB page and I would love to get to know some of you and actually do this 3/4 time. I'm just now starting to look for a small trailer. So happy to have found ya! (Love the Snake River area too.)

  2. Good luck on your trailer hunt, and let us know when you find one that works for you!

  3. Atta girl TLLT (atta boy? What do you readers think?)! Way to get out and be a Girl Camper totem on the go, love it!

  4. That was a fun trip love your use of the TLLT.