Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trailer Spruce-Up: Painting Inside Cupboards & Closet

For all the attention paid to our beloved trailers, sometimes the insides of cupboards and closets get overlooked (kind of like the ones at home!) Little wonder, as it's easier to keep the doors closed than to address the less-than-pretty surfaces.

(Note to trailer shoppers: When inspecting a trailer, always open the cupboards and closets, so you can check for evidence of roof leaks that will show up as stains on the ceiling or outermost wall. Note the staining here; the leak's been fixed, but the stain gives away that such a leak once existed.)

Besides the stain, this trailer's cupboards had 5 different types of wood involved in the assemblage. Not exactly pretty!

Here's the same cupboard a day later, after it was primed (with Bullseye 1-2-3), then given two coats of  satin latex in pale green.

I found that a sponge brush and sponge mini-roller worked very well for getting paint into small, tight spaces with many angle changes.

I'll let the new paint have a good long cure time before putting the cupboard and closet contents back in. Gives me a good reason to sort through and edit it all before it goes back in.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying that 'Ahh, fresh-paint' phenomenon. The rest of the interior has a distinctive painted personality, and it feels good to have given it that final finish.

Even if I'm the only one who'll see it.


  1. I love the green inside the cupboards...very cheery! That reminds me of a closet needing some attention in my little trailer. My intention is to line it with cedar for that nice scent. Your trailer looks terrific!

  2. Great idea on cedar for the closet! Gonna try that!

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