Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Simple Ideas for More Storage, Less Clutter

A vintage trailer is like a vintage small house: It forces you to be creative about storage and to maximize space where and how you can.

I found small, coated-wire baskets (Dollar Tree, $1 each) that fit neatly inside the over-sink cupboard of my trailer. Using napkins for padding, I set heavier items, like metal bowls and silverware, inside those containers. This keeps them from rolling around during transit and popping the cupboard doors open.

Then I used a metal shelf-riser (from the kitchen/bath storage section at Ross) to create a second tier of shelf space. It holds lightweight items, such as silk flowers or paper goods--things that won't force the door open if I happen to hit a bump or pothole.

I've found that I get more use and better storage from my small trailer sink if I keep an enamel bowl in the sink. It's easier to pitch a small bowl of wash water than to drain and clean the sink. The bowl keeps necessities handy (glasses, watch, phone) and I still can tuck other items, like towels, around the outside of the bowl.

By adding another shelf-riser over the sink, I gain extra flat surface area--something you never have too much of in a small trailer.

This is another of my favorite ways to get extra surface space--by placing an old metal serving tray over the sink. Also a great way to hide the clutter-bits when someone comes over to visit your trailer!

Here's another way to utilize a shelf-riser and serving tray. And once you have these simple extras in hand, I'm sure you'll find other ways to put them to work in your vintage trailer!


  1. Thanks, these are some wonderful ideas and looks really cute.

  2. You are so right, it's about being creative & resourceful in the use of our limited (counter) space.
    I took an old large photo frame, tucked asst. photos under the glass, added handles on each side...and use it as a serving tray as well as additional counter space by placing it on top of my stove burners....
    Our minds are only limited by our lack of imagination... and Sista' we have a lot of imagination! lol!

  3. Great ideas. And for me, great storage means things have to be easily accessible, otherwise I won't use them or put them away properly. If I have to unload an entire cupboard just to get at one thing I need, well, I'm in trouble! Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Great ideas....I plan to use a cutting board over my sink, but I love the wire basket and wire shelf ideas - I think they can be incorporated just about anywhere. Love the creativity.

  5. Excellent ideas here for extra storage in our TTTT's! I use an enamel bowl (inside a dishpan) in my sink too. Come take a look Now I'm on the hunt for one of those metal trays :) to fit on top of my sink when my dishpan is not in there. Love all the advice you share on your blog!

  6. I guess I'm late to the party :) some great ideas. My DH keeps wanting to modernize our tt, but I'd love to go vintage.