Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Girl Camping on the Salmon River, part 2

If you want to draw in people and make them smile, just set up a vintage travel trailer alongside a road, and watch them come swooping in.

That's what happened when the Girl Camping gang got together for a long weekend at Swiftwater RV Park in rural White Bird, Idaho. That's Miss Karen, above, with her sidekick Dash, using the open-door policy for 'tourists' (actually local shop owners) to see inside her trailer.

Karen's trailer is beautifully painted and detailed, and is what we'd have to call a 'happy seniorita' both in colors and in love of all things south of the border.

This is Miss Sherry's Aladdin, sporting a custom GLAMPING banner--Sherry is multi-talented. (She also painted her trailer's exterior and remodeled the inside.)

Sherry came to White Bird in a caravan with Karen and Miss Carolyn. Quite the sight to see them come rolling in! The name of Sherry's trailer is Me Too.

Miss Carolyn's Aristocrat is named Chick on the Run. Ingenious idea: She uses a string curtain for a screen door. The 'boot' in the back is where she stores and displays her boots.

Left to right, that's Carolyn, Sherry, and Anna, park owner, riding the wild side on our sideline jetboat trip that took us through rapids on the Salmon.

Excellent job, girls, of living up to our motto: Live now, be free!


  1. Love seeing your adventures!!

  2. I Really love this topic.camping is the best way to unwind from the city. it is really an ultimate adventure for the kids especially kids nowadays. Thank you for posting this.

  3. What a great time you all must have on outings. I just bought a Dodge Dakota and waiting for a Truck Tent to get started. If it doesn't work out I have to find another solution.
    Keep having fun.