Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Girl Camping Weekend to Remember on the Salmon River


I promised you photos from our group campout at Swiftwater RV Park, on the Salmon River at White Bird, Idaho. And O My Trailer--where to even begin?! We had such a great time that the buzz lasted for days afterward.

That's my big Airstream, which spent the winter at the park in the company of huge, new, gleaming white RVs. For this weekend, all but one of those had gone home, and my vintage tin can cabin was finally among her own kind.

Miss Mig arrived first and set the scene with her very identifiable trailer, Island Girl. The trailer is featured prominently in 'Glamping with MaryJane,' the latest book from MaryJane Butters. But being in a book is nothing compared to being with Mig and Island Girl in person--sensory stimulation, guaranteed!

A veritable explosion of color and fun!

Miss Linner was next, with her red, white and blue theme and patriotic trailer Betsy Ross.( Plus Miss Liberty crown, of course.) I love how the discipline of using ONLY three colors ties everything together in an eye-pleasing way.

The RV park abuts a main bridge over the Salmon. By the time these two campsites were fully decked out, traffic over the bridge had become v-e-r-y slow. (Some drivers eventually pulled in to get a closer look at the unfolding spectacle.)

This, I believe, is what we call a rhetorical question. More photos to come of more glorious Girl Camping, with many ideas and inspirations. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Your photos are spectacular! I only wish I had more trailers to decorate. Such a fun time with a great group of gals. I hope to be camping in the very near future. It only takes two trailers for a party!

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